conspirologist (conspirologist) wrote,

Stoic Meditation

I was suddenly reminded in conversing with an associate of mine of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. I really should make time to read the writtings of the Stoic Emperor once again. It is amazing, sometimes, how we let ourselves get sidtracked - myself included - from what really matters. To risk sounding like Marcus, my muses speak:

We seek constantly the good life, but always in the wrong places. A job, material possessions. Our time is spent gathering goods, trying to live in the greatest luxury possible. Or to live a life of constant pleasure seeking. Very rarely do we seem to realise that the good life nothing to do with what you have and do not have; rather, it has to do with how you approach what you have and do not have. To live in accord with nature, to realise your own nature, and approach things with reason and virtue - this is the essence of living well, irregardless of circumstances.
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