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Fun With Telemarketers

In an age of SPAM e-mail and instant messaging, one would hope that the telemarketer would become a thing of the past. Not so. And there eventually comes a point in which you just get tired of the unsolicited sales call, and irregardless of what Miss Manners says, you just have to fuck with their minds. In the hopes that they will get the hint and not try to sell you stuff anymore.

Which resulted in the following conversation -

Me (Answering phone): Salve!

Machine: Please hold for this important message from Discover Card.

Telemarketer: Hello

Me: Salve!

Telemarketer: Uh, what?

Me: Salve.

Telemarketer: Is Mr or Mrs ______ in?

Me: Non dico Britanicum.

Telemarketer: Ok. Um, thanks.

Now, this tells us the primary problem with telemarketers. It's not the unsolicited sales calls. It's the simple fact that none of them speak Latin!
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