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Lyndon LaRouche

I have a reputation to maintain for wierdness. And a user name to live up to. This is a fun summary of an . . . interesting conspiracy. Excerpted from Wilson's _Everything Is Under Control_. Please don't sue me!
Lyndon LaRouche has made a long and kinky journey from the Far Left to the Far Right, with a stop off in federal prison for fraud and tax evasion. (All his disciples insist he was framed, of course.) While his distinctive conspiracy theory has evolved somewhat over the years, it remains constant in finding the British Royal Family the most, or one of the most, sinister forces in the galaxy. Under Queen Elizabeeth II and British Intelligence (MI5 and MI6), an "Anglo-American cabal" rules the world and presently is engaged in a genocidal program to de-industrialize and de-populate Third World nations. The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and George Bush are among the major co-conspirators in this fiendish scheme.

The Anglo-American cabal finanaces and reaps most of the profits of the illegal drug traffic, and also finances (as tools of genocide) the birth control and abortion movements; to further de-populate and deplete the planet, they also promote Feminism, homosexuality, Satanism, and "the sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll counterculture." At one time LaRouche calimed that Queen Elizabeth II personally sent the philosophers Aldous Huxley and Alan Watts to America to corrupt us with drugs and Asian religions.

LaRouche is a high-tech advocate, with an agenda far different from others of that persuassion. He favors terraforming Venus to make it a second human habitation, but opposes space colonies in interplanetary space and has denounced the L5 Society (agitators for space colonization) as a Gnostic cult. ("Gnostic" is a very nast word in his vocabulary, and he also hates Aristotle and modern painting.) He urges the use of atomic bombs to create huge irrigation canals in the Middle East, and sees multiculturalism as a plot to destroy the benefits that Western science has brought to the world. And, like Ezra Pound, LaRouche believes that the major economic flaw in the present system is usury; enemies accuse him of anti-semitism often, but nobody has quite proven the charge totally.

It is only fair to note that LaRouche has charged in print that the present author is a member of the Illuminati.
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