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conspirologist's Journal

Tuesday, March 2, 2004


It's 2am. I'm awake.

Can someone please explain to me which of the Gods I offended this time?

Monday, March 1, 2004


Well one of my friends convinced me to come back to this thing. So....

Without further ado, tommorrow I get to be reminded of the joy of being an appointed official. Specifically conducting elections. Really, it seems the Board has had a number of major brain cramps. Like getting those Diebold machines. Ok, so electronic voting looks cool. But guess what: the old lever machines worked. You didn't have us running around at the last minute truing to set the damn things up.

Don't get me started on the new procedures we're supposed to have.

Oh. It's also nice to actually know that the press will be at our precinct in advance. Maybe we should all wear targets, so they know where to aim?

But first one thing. If I ever hear anyone propose midnight-to-midnight polling again, I'm going to beat them with a stick. Seriously. Like we don't do enough work already. Like being there over an hour before polls open, and at least an hour after they close isn't enough.

Guess what folks? Those judges you see in the precinct? That's it! We don't switch off or rotate, no sireee. You show up an hour before polls open - that's 6am here - and you stay until we get confirmation the votes went in. That's a good 16 hour day. Without this 24-hour-poll-open horseshit.

Oh, and I really hope that nobody bitches about the us not being trained again. Jesus. I wanted to slap Al Gore for that one. And every democrat who uses that as an argument. Nobody is an election judge without being trained. Nobody.

Yes, I'm bitter. And in a foul mood.

Probably because I realise that whatever happens tomorrow, whoever wins the nods, nothing will change. Nothing.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

9:45PM - To Himself

Few things, I have found, can provide more entertainment than a healthy relationship with your Patron Goddess. Especially when said relationship involves lots of screaming.

It has been said that "philia doubled is eros, and eros doubled is madness." To speak as a man in the grips of eros, I see little difference between that and madness; and to move from philia to eros is but a step.

And yet at the same time as I bemoan Freya for these feelings, I cannot help but feel more than anything else that this is a part of my destiny. Harmonize yourself to the universe, and the will of the gods; and accept that however the relationship will develope shall come in time.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

3:12PM - Sqweee!

Finally getting the chance to do something - that's what happens when you let yourself take on too much at once, ESPECIALLY when in the middle of honours thesis. You know, you really don't realise how small 35-50 pages is (yes, small) until you have to write it.

The joys of TAing also occur. I've learned several things:

One of the big things being that even if you don't want to be in class, you're just there for credit and plan on forgetting everything after the class is done. DON'T FUCKING TELL US! We don't want to know!

So now I have a student who has all but said "I don't give a shit about logic or this course" who is probably going to be a regular customer.

But that's not the real fun. The real fun is discovering two things when you have to administer the make-up exam:

1) The professor not only wants you to give make-ups to the appropriate TAs, he does not inform you of this until they have left for the day.

2) Just to make life MORE interesting, you manage to find a TA you know you need to locate. Only to discover the professor did not inform the other TAs that we have to give these make-ups.

But the most fun way to spend your time is definately translating Cicero. You are fooling yourself if you think that you will learn rhetoric by reading anyone other than him.

And someone tell the world to stop with daylight saving time. Getting reminded that this is going to muck up normal time when you get to chat with friend overseas is always enjoyable, and it's just bloody annoying to have to remember to change the clocks. There's no point to it!

Here endeth the rant. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

11:22AM - No-Privacy First Class

Today's rant brought to you by:... the American Media!

Yes, that's right, the American Media. That fine instution which has been shifting slowly to conservative bias like FOX News has, and seemingly has no decency in some things. Specifically, what has me pissed off today is the Iraq coverage.

Right, now, I don't mind the fact that we're talking about Iraq. Even the round-the-clock all-Iraq-all-the-time eventually became tolerable, though you got tired of the talking heads saying the same thing over and over again just so they could be the FIRST on the air when the bombs started falling. But what the fuck ever happened to a little bit of, well, decency?

I'm talking about the coverage of PFC Jessica Lynch. Yes, it's a shame she was wounded in combat. Yes, it's great that she's recovering. But no, quite frankly, we don't need to know every detail of her recovery. And I'm sure that even if she doesn't mind all the media coverage, there is something fairly morbid to hearing about it.

Even if she doesn't mind the attention, why can't the media - and the public for that matter - have the slightest bit of decency and give the woman privacy to recover?

(Rant mode off)

Wednesday, June 25, 2003


Yayness: Just got new icon.

Badness: Had large spider just walk across screen. No, not making this up.


Ok, ok, so it's been a while since writting anything at all. Ah well. I blame lack of time and watching the V miniseries again.

Which can actually be quite spooky if you think about it, along with other things. Maybe my outlook on the world has grown much more cynical and anarchistic - or maybe my lack of faith is justified. Has anyone noticed how pervasian and complete the influence of government is on our lives? The fact that we have certificates for both birth and death, and that when you die, you need multiple copies to prove to various agencies that the deceased really is dead.

For a country that wants to spread 'liberty' we seem so ready to surrender it in even seemingly inconsequential areas. Bracket any concerns raised after the Younger Bush became President. Why is the government invovled in say, marriage? Really, when you think about what it's supposed to mean - it doesn't seem like a place we need the state, and indeed, it is unable to determine. A couple can be 'married' far before the appropriate forms are filled out; and a decree of the state can hardly end it, nor having to wait for the next forms.

Why does the government think it needs to tell adults that they must wear seatbelts or motorcycle helmets? What happened to my ability to be stupid?

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

7:41PM - No More Telemarketers?

No, they haven't stopped called. But the FTC is implimenting a national do-not-call list on July 1. On the upside, I can finally get a number of the telemarketers to stop calling.

The downside? Well, less entertainment. When you're bored and it's the middle of the day, you can always count on one calling to mess with at some point.

So: peace and tranquility or amusement? Tough choice.

Friday, June 6, 2003


As if yesterday wasn't enough to remind us about the folly of government, I start reading the news today. Guess what I find?

"US House Passes Flag Amendment."

That's right. We're trying to yet again to strike down the 1989 Supreme Court ruling against the flag "desecration" lawsuits. Oh joy. This is almost as much fun as the idiocy about "under God" in the pledge.

Thursday, June 5, 2003

7:49PM - Protected ad absurdum

I just became aware that the Feds, in their all-knowing wisdom, have made certain moves to protect "patient privacy." Don't get me wrong - I'm all for protecting the privacy of my health care. It's just that I don't want a shitload of government interference in my life.

First, there's the four foot idiocy. Supposedly so people cannot (a) overhear a discussion, (b) read your prescription, you have to wait at least four feet from the counter before being called. Now, this last is justifiable, but not being able to overhear? As though my voice suddenly stops at 4 feet.

My favourite part is that we no longer sign in for dentist office and the like. Now, here's the thing: as far as I know, to get time off work to go to the dentist, I still have to tell my boss. So that bullshit doesn't work, and saying I don't have to tell my employer just opens up a whole new can of worms.

Nevermind if a billing error comes up. At least when I signed in, there was a record aside from the appointment log to point to. If my name didn't appear on the sheet, and they entered the wrong date (or even someone accidentally wrote the wrong patient's name for my work), I at least had something to point to.

I'm sorry, but I think that my privacy was well-protected before. Yes, some people know what meds I take - because I've chosen to discuss those with them. And nobody has ever remarked on my pills at the pharmacy, or (to my knowledge) tried to us my prescription for anything. Come on folks, give me a break.

And people wonder why I'm damn near an anarchist.

Monday, June 2, 2003

6:02PM - Fun With Telemarketers

In an age of SPAM e-mail and instant messaging, one would hope that the telemarketer would become a thing of the past. Not so. And there eventually comes a point in which you just get tired of the unsolicited sales call, and irregardless of what Miss Manners says, you just have to fuck with their minds. In the hopes that they will get the hint and not try to sell you stuff anymore.

Which resulted in the following conversation -

Me (Answering phone): Salve!

Machine: Please hold for this important message from Discover Card.

Telemarketer: Hello

Me: Salve!

Telemarketer: Uh, what?

Me: Salve.

Telemarketer: Is Mr or Mrs ______ in?

Me: Non dico Britanicum.

Telemarketer: Ok. Um, thanks.

Now, this tells us the primary problem with telemarketers. It's not the unsolicited sales calls. It's the simple fact that none of them speak Latin!

Sunday, June 1, 2003

9:34PM - Stoic Meditation

I was suddenly reminded in conversing with an associate of mine of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. I really should make time to read the writtings of the Stoic Emperor once again. It is amazing, sometimes, how we let ourselves get sidtracked - myself included - from what really matters. To risk sounding like Marcus, my muses speak:

We seek constantly the good life, but always in the wrong places. A job, material possessions. Our time is spent gathering goods, trying to live in the greatest luxury possible. Or to live a life of constant pleasure seeking. Very rarely do we seem to realise that the good life nothing to do with what you have and do not have; rather, it has to do with how you approach what you have and do not have. To live in accord with nature, to realise your own nature, and approach things with reason and virtue - this is the essence of living well, irregardless of circumstances.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

1:10PM - Woo-hoo!

Finally! At long last, after a WEEK of waiting, have got last two finals out of the way. It's a shame to know that my course on the Symposium is finally over. That was easily one of the most interesting and fun courses I've had in a long time.

Which means, among other things, no more worries about coursework for several months. Just lots, and lots of anticipation of June. Four days off, then back to being a glorified secretary full time.

Also found the death of one political RP giving birth to a new one. I run a newspaper in the new one, as well as an odd and fun character. You can find it here. As an Avid Gamers site, it is notoriously slow during evenings EST.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

8:43AM - Lyndon LaRouche

I have a reputation to maintain for wierdness. And a user name to live up to. This is a fun summary of an . . . interesting conspiracy. Excerpted from Wilson's _Everything Is Under Control_. Please don't sue me!
Lyndon LaRouche has made a long and kinky journey from the Far Left to the Far Right, with a stop off in federal prison for fraud and tax evasion. (All his disciples insist he was framed, of course.) While his distinctive conspiracy theory has evolved somewhat over the years, it remains constant in finding the British Royal Family the most, or one of the most, sinister forces in the galaxy. Under Queen Elizabeeth II and British Intelligence (MI5 and MI6), an "Anglo-American cabal" rules the world and presently is engaged in a genocidal program to de-industrialize and de-populate Third World nations. The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and George Bush are among the major co-conspirators in this fiendish scheme.

The Anglo-American cabal finanaces and reaps most of the profits of the illegal drug traffic, and also finances (as tools of genocide) the birth control and abortion movements; to further de-populate and deplete the planet, they also promote Feminism, homosexuality, Satanism, and "the sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll counterculture." At one time LaRouche calimed that Queen Elizabeth II personally sent the philosophers Aldous Huxley and Alan Watts to America to corrupt us with drugs and Asian religions.

LaRouche is a high-tech advocate, with an agenda far different from others of that persuassion. He favors terraforming Venus to make it a second human habitation, but opposes space colonies in interplanetary space and has denounced the L5 Society (agitators for space colonization) as a Gnostic cult. ("Gnostic" is a very nast word in his vocabulary, and he also hates Aristotle and modern painting.) He urges the use of atomic bombs to create huge irrigation canals in the Middle East, and sees multiculturalism as a plot to destroy the benefits that Western science has brought to the world. And, like Ezra Pound, LaRouche believes that the major economic flaw in the present system is usury; enemies accuse him of anti-semitism often, but nobody has quite proven the charge totally.

It is only fair to note that LaRouche has charged in print that the present author is a member of the Illuminati.

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Well, it finally happened. I decided to make a certain sqwirly girl jealous and get a paid account. So, :P at you!

On other side, now have a place for philosophical and conspiratorial rants, as well as normal psychotic ramblings, so am quite happy.

Current mood: pleased