conspirologist (conspirologist) wrote,

No-Privacy First Class

Today's rant brought to you by:... the American Media!

Yes, that's right, the American Media. That fine instution which has been shifting slowly to conservative bias like FOX News has, and seemingly has no decency in some things. Specifically, what has me pissed off today is the Iraq coverage.

Right, now, I don't mind the fact that we're talking about Iraq. Even the round-the-clock all-Iraq-all-the-time eventually became tolerable, though you got tired of the talking heads saying the same thing over and over again just so they could be the FIRST on the air when the bombs started falling. But what the fuck ever happened to a little bit of, well, decency?

I'm talking about the coverage of PFC Jessica Lynch. Yes, it's a shame she was wounded in combat. Yes, it's great that she's recovering. But no, quite frankly, we don't need to know every detail of her recovery. And I'm sure that even if she doesn't mind all the media coverage, there is something fairly morbid to hearing about it.

Even if she doesn't mind the attention, why can't the media - and the public for that matter - have the slightest bit of decency and give the woman privacy to recover?

(Rant mode off)
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