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Finally getting the chance to do something - that's what happens when you let yourself take on too much at once, ESPECIALLY when in the middle of honours thesis. You know, you really don't realise how small 35-50 pages is (yes, small) until you have to write it.

The joys of TAing also occur. I've learned several things:

One of the big things being that even if you don't want to be in class, you're just there for credit and plan on forgetting everything after the class is done. DON'T FUCKING TELL US! We don't want to know!

So now I have a student who has all but said "I don't give a shit about logic or this course" who is probably going to be a regular customer.

But that's not the real fun. The real fun is discovering two things when you have to administer the make-up exam:

1) The professor not only wants you to give make-ups to the appropriate TAs, he does not inform you of this until they have left for the day.

2) Just to make life MORE interesting, you manage to find a TA you know you need to locate. Only to discover the professor did not inform the other TAs that we have to give these make-ups.

But the most fun way to spend your time is definately translating Cicero. You are fooling yourself if you think that you will learn rhetoric by reading anyone other than him.

And someone tell the world to stop with daylight saving time. Getting reminded that this is going to muck up normal time when you get to chat with friend overseas is always enjoyable, and it's just bloody annoying to have to remember to change the clocks. There's no point to it!

Here endeth the rant. :)
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